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Offer expanded payment options to your customers

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Established in 1978;
Over 40 Years of Providing Financing to Vendors

Equipment Vendor / Software Vendor Financing

Increase your sales by offering affordable financing options to your customers

Providing financing to your customers & prospects is part of your overall product. Customers expect B2B vendors to offer financing solutions. If your company doesn’t offer financing options, customers will often go with a vendor that does. It’s part of their decision-making process. 

Offering financing expedites the sale because the customer doesn’t have to look for financing on their own. No waiting on banks or loan companies. As a vendor, you have more control over the process. Partner with Dimension Funding, your vendor financing company of choice. 

Expand your Customers' Purchasing Power

Offer your customers quick and easy financing that will allow them to make one low monthly payment and you to close more deals.

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Offer your Clients 0% Financing

Instead of offering discounts on your equipment or software, offer your prospects 0% financing from Dimension Funding. It takes financing and the interest rate completely off the table. 

Beat the Bank Rate

By offering 0% financing from Dimension Funding, your customer has no incentive to “shop around” for better interest rates or financing. Instead, the conversation stays on the benefits of your equipment or software solutions.

100% of Costs Financed

Dimension Funding finances 100% of the cost of the software, implementation including training, professional services, third-party vendors and hardware.

Dimension financing programs are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of our valued vendor partners and their customers. Remember that control of the sales process starts with a discussion of a customers financing requirements which prevents them from having to secure that on their own. By offering customized financing to your customer you are able to accelerate the sales cycle, close more deals and increase profit margins.

Electronic Financing

Overcome, "How do I pay for this?"

One of the biggest problems facing small to medium-sized businesses is figuring out how to pay for the equipment and software they need without impacing their cash flow. 

Financing alternatives from Dimension Funding can solve this problem and increase the number and size of your sales.

Benefits of Offering Financing from Dimension Funding

Close More Deals ... Faster

Offering financing closes more deals faster

No more waiting for bank funding or for the purchaser to find financing.

Financing is good marketing

If a competitor offers financing and you don't, you're more likely to lose the deal.

Expands your customers' purchasing power

With extended financing, small businesses can more easily afford big ticket items.


Most of your customers need financing

Provide quick & easy financing options to your customers.

Payment options are part of the customer's decision-making

Whether you offer financing is factored into the customer's decision-making process.

Fast payment / no more collections

You get paid in full within 24 hours of funding. No more attempting to collect overdue payments.

Vendor Financing Company

Increase your Sales / Expand your Opportunities

We work with almost all types of equipment vendors & software vendors to provide financing for your clients. Accelerate your sales cycle, improve your closing rates and increase your profit margins by offering financing from Dimension Funding.

Learn more about the benefits of having Dimension Funding as your financing partner.

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