Law Firm Technology Financing

Financing for Legal Software, Hardware & Technology

Equipment Financing Up to $250k without Financial Statements

IT Hardware

IT Hardware Cloud Storage Financing

Get financing for almost any technology including computer, servers, and training & implementation costs. 


HR & Accounting Software Financing

Financing for almost all types of software including subscription software, Legal, ERP, CRM, Financial, HR, and SaaS programs.


Training can be included in law firm technology financing including consultants and professional services.



Implementation costs can be bundled into your law firm technology financing.

Financing Designed Specifically for Law Firms

No-Hassle, Law Firm Financing

Get financing for software or any new or used technology from the vendor of your choice. Get up to $500k in financing without providing financial statements. (Financing for over $500k requires financial statements.) Easy application process. Quick funding – usually within 48 hours. Often same day funding.  

Save Working Capital
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Dimension Funding provides financing programs tailored specifically for the legal market. Established in 1978, Dimension Funding has been working with law firms of all sizes, across the United States, to help them grow and expand their practices.

Affordable Investments in Legal Technology

Remain Competitive in Today's Legal Environment

The progression of change in the legal technology market is compelling and suggests that law firms of all sizes find themselves confronted by an accelerating pace of technology and the decision to either invest in the opportunity or to suffer the consequences.

Law firms continue to justify seemingly ever increasing demands for investment in technology to remain competitive against their need to control expenses. Dimension Funding helps law firms by offering innovative and creative law firm technology financing programs that make acquiring technology products and services more affordable.

Since 1978, Dimension Funding has worked hard to build and maintain its solid track record and reputation as a trusted source of capital for America’s law firms by providing commercial financing and lease financing for virtually any type of equipment, good or product.

Benefits of law Firm Technology Financing

Improve your cashflow

Find the monthly payment that meets your specific budget objectives without disturbing working capital and existing credit lines.

one, fixed monthly payment

Include the entirety of the project cost in the financing contract including all soft costs, implementation, consulting fees and extended maintenance and service contracts.

easy application process

Simple, easy and convenient without the need for lengthy and complex application forms and financial statements. Use our on line application tool for most transactions up to $500k.

write off up to 100%

Section 179 of the IRS Code enables law firms to access tax benefits on the equipment, software and ancillary services they are financing.

Quick & Easy Technology Financing Programs

100% Financing

Includes shipping, maintenance, third-party vendors and almost any costs associated with the purchase.

Same Day Approvals

Fast & easy electronic application process. Approvals usually within a few hours.

Fast Funding

Dimension has the ability to fund your transactions quickly utilizing a variety of programs based on your specific preferences and the requirements of your vendors

Most Credit Ratings Accepted

Tier A to Marginal Credit. Most types of credit accepted.

Subscription Software

Dimension’s financing for law firms covers almost any type of software including subscription software. Turn an annual subscription into a monthly payment. 

Creative Financing Programs

Our creative and innovative financing programs enable qualified law firms to defer payments for up to 180 days.

Leasable Collateral

Cloud Software


Financing Services


Furniture / Equipment


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