Financing for Software Renewals

Turns an Annual Subscription Renewal into a Monthly Payment

Financing for Subscription Software Renewals


IT Hardware Cloud Storage Financing

Financing for ERP, CRMs and other Cloud-based software includes 100% of project costs such as implementation and training.

HR & Accounting

HR & Accounting Software Financing

Get financing for your HR, payroll & accounting software including IT & hardware costs. 


EMR & EHR Software Financing

EHR software is expensive to implement. Get monthly payments and 100% project financing. 


Instead of paying a large lump sum for an annual software subscription, the subscription can be turned into monthly payments through financing with Dimension Funding. This conserves cash flow and working capital for the purchaser. This applies to almost all types of subscription software across industries. 

Fast Approvals & Funding: Get approved for financing usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, your funding is often within 48 hours but can be sooner. In some cases, it can be several business days before funding.

Established in 1978, for over 40 years Dimension Funding has been providing financing to software vendors & borrowers.  

Allows Small & Medium-Sized Businesses to Invest in Technology

Small and medium-sized businesses often experience more cash flow problems. By offering financing for software subscriptions and renewals, these businesses can invest in technology that they might not be able to afford because of the large upfront costs.

By spreading out the cost of the technology instead of large upfront costs, small and medium-sized businesses can afford technology and software that improve their bottom line, increase efficiencies and allow them to expand. 

Multi-Year Subscriptions

You don’t use ERP or CRM Software for One Year. Why Purchase a One-Year Subscription?

Flexible Financing Options

Bundled Services

Our financing solution combines a software subscription, services and equipment from other manufacturers for one easy monthly payment.

Maintenance & Services Only

Services can be financed on a standalone agreement for a term matching the length of the service contract.

Multi-Year Subscriptions

Allows you to lock in current pricing, helps you to avoid large upfront capital investment and can potentially save you money by purchasing multi-year


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