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Financing for New and Used Bulldozers from the Vendor of your Choice

BulldozerGet financing for almost any type of construction equipment, both new and used, including bulldozers. Shipping, labor, installation and maintenance costs can be bundled and included the construction equipment financing resulting in one, low monthly payment.

As a construction equipment financing company, we partner with construction equipment vendors and distributors to provide financing to their customers. We also offer financing directly to companies so they can purchase the construction & heavy equipment they need from the vendor of their choice.

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Dimension Funding specializes in providing financing to purchase construction equipment & heavy equipment both new & used in the construction industry. You may qualify for “Application Only” financing up to $250k for new or used construction equipment (no financial statements needed). 

We work with vendors to provide bulldozer and construction equipment financing to their customers. We work with construction companies that wish to add construction equipment including bulldozers to their assets.

One Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a tremendous outlay of cash upfront, purchasers have one monthly payment over a term up to 60 months. Flexible terms available.

Conserves Working Capital

Purchasers, keep your working capital for ongoing business expenses.

Up to $250k Without Providing Financials

Purchasers get up to $250k in “Application Only” financing without providing financial statements. For financing over $250k, financial statements are required

Expand / Update Construction Equipment

Construction companies can expand their company or replace construction equipment with no-hassle financing.

Construction Equipment Financing - Trackers, Excavators, etc.

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