Construction Equipment Financing

Get Financing for New & Used Construction Equipment / Heavy Equipment

Over 40 years of providing financing to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Construction & Heavy Equipment Financing

Financing for Construction Equipment from the Vendor of your Choice

Get financing for almost any type of construction equipment, both new and used. Shipping, labor, installation and maintenance costs can be bundled and included the construction equipment financing resulting in one, low monthly payment.

As a construction equipment financing company, we partner with construction equipment vendors and distributors to provide financing to their customers. We also offer financing directly to companies so they can purchase the construction & heavy equipment they need from the vendor of their choice.

Construction Equipment Financing Company

Dimension Funding specializes in providing financing to purchase construction equipment & heavy equipment both new & used in the construction industry. Depending upon your financial situation, you may qualify for “Application Only” financing up to $250k for new or used construction equipment (no financial statements needed). If you finance software in addition to construction equipment or heavy equipment financing, you could qualify for up to $500k in “Application Only” financing. 

One Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a tremendous outlay of cash upfront, you have one monthly payment over a term up to 60 months. Flexible terms available.

Conserves Working Capital

Keep your working capital for ongoing business expenses.

Up to $250k Without Providing Financials

Get up to $250k in “Application Only” financing without providing financial statements. For financing over $250k, financial statements are required

Expand / Update Construction Equipment

Expand your company or replace construction equipment with no-hassle financing.

Dump Truck, Bulldozer & Excavator Financing Made Easy

As the economy rebounds, construction projects are exploding. If your company needs additional construction equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, graders, asphalt paversdump trucks, excavators or other types of construction equipment, it could make sense for you to finance those purchases. Financing allows you to make the purchase within days.

Bank Financing vs. Financing Companies

While banks often have slightly lower interest rates, there are substantial reasons you might want to go with private financing.

  • Banks usually want a blanket lien on ALL of your corporate assets. Private financing only uses the equipment purchased as security.
  • Banks only want companies with stellar credit and that meet stringent requirements. Financing companies such as Dimension have much greater leeway to approve loans.
  • Banks want extensive paperwork; private financing companies can offer “Application Only” financing.
  • Getting a bank loan is time-consuming and tedious. Getting financing from Dimension only takes a few days after filling out a quick online application.

Construction Equipment Loans

New / Used Construction & Heavy Equipment Financing

Improve your cashflow

By spreading out the cost of big ticket construction equipment purchases, you keep your cash flow and working capital.

one, fixed monthly payment

No high upfront costs. Pay for construction equipment, shipping and associated costs spread out over a term that works for you.

easy application process

For financing under $250k you don't need financial statements. It's a quick online process with funding within 2 - 3 business days, sometimes within a few hours.

write off up to 100%

Under Section 179 of the IRS Code, you can write off construction equipment purchases. In some cases, up to 100% can be written off.


New or Used Equipment

We finance new or used construction equipment.

Delivery, Setup & Maintenance

By including these costs in your financing, you avoid a big cost outlay at one time.


If you finance software, you can get up to $500k in "Application Only" financing. Get one low, monthly payment.

Other Vendors

Include the cost of other vendors related to the construction equipment purchase in the financing.

One, Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Construction Worker with Equipment / Financing
Construction Equipment Financing - Trackers, Excavators, etc.

Construction Equipment Loans

Get Financing for New or Used Construction Equipment