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Fast & Easy Small Business Loans & Financing

There are many types of small business loans or financing. You can get equipment, software or technology financing to purchase specific business assets.

You can also get a working capital loan. Working capital is a flexible type of small business loan and is essential for any business. It is more flexible than equipment or software financing in that it can be used for more purchases, such as inventory or to pay taxes. However, it tends to have higher interest rates and more requirements than equipment or software financing.

Types of Small Business Loans / Financing

Small Business Loans Fuel Growth & Expansion

Business loans and financing are particularly essential for small businesses. It can take your small business to the next level by allowing you to purchase equipment, software, upgrade technology and make an investment in your business. Business financing or loans allow you to keep your necessary business capital while still investing in needed technology or equipment.

Simple & Easy One Page Application

Fast & Easy Process

A one page application. If you apply for working capital you will need copies of your bank statements for up to six months. 

Funding Usually Within 2 - 3 Business Days

Fast funding after the application (and bank statements for working capital loans) are received.

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