Laboratory Equipment Financing

Get No Hassle Financing with Any Vendor

Over 40 Years of Providing Financing to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Equipment Financing Up to $250k without Financial Statements

Healthcare & Lab Equipment Financing

Financing for almost all types of medical equipment & software. 

Financing for all types of new and used MRI & scanning equipment.

Financing for almost all types of IT Hardware & Technology including computer, servers, and training & implementation costs. 

Fast Approvals & Funding: Get approved for financing usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, your funding is within 48 hours but is often the same day (again with some exceptions).

As an equipment financing company with over 40 years of providing financing, we can help you get the lab equipment & healthcare technology financing you need at low monthly payments and extended terms. Speak to one of our financing experts to explore your financing options and what makes the best sense for your business. 

Avoid Bank Financing Problems

Bank financing, while it can be at a lower rate, often includes a blanket lien on all of your corporate assets rather than just the asset being financed. Private financing such as Dimension’s, only uses the lab equipment as security rather than all of your corporate assets. 

Financing your Lab Equipment

100% Lab Equipment Project Financing

Includes shipping, maintenance, third-party vendors and almost any costs associated with the laboratory equipment purchase.

Same Day Approvals

Fast & easy electronic application process. Approvals usually within a few hours although in some cases it can take a little longer.

Preserve your Working Capital

Instead of a large outlay of cash which reduces your working capital, you have one fixed low monthly payment.

Most Credit Ratings Accepted

Tier A to Marginal Credit. Most types of credit accepted.

Benefits of Financing

New & Used Laboratory Equipment Financing

Improve your cashflow

By spreading out the cost of big ticket equipment purchases, you keep your cash flow and working capital.

one, fixed monthly payment

No high upfront costs. Pay for the equipment, shipping and associated costs spread out over a term that works for you.

easy application process

For financing under $250k you don't need financial statements. It's a quick online process with funding within a day, often within a few hours.

write off up to 100%

Under Section 179 of the IRS Code, you can write off equipment purchases. In some cases, up to 100% can be written off.


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