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Subscription Software Financing


Financing for almost all types of subscription software. Turn your annual subscription into monthly payments. 

Financing for ERP, CRMs and other Cloud-based software includes 100% of project costs such as implementation and training.

Get software financing for your HR, payroll & accounting software including IT & hardware costs. 

EHR software is expensive to implement. Get monthly payments and 100% project financing. Speak with a specialist in medical financing. 

ERP, CRM, HR & Accounting Software Renewals Can Also Be Financed

Get financing for your ERP, CRM, HR & Accounting Software & EMR Medical Software Renewals. Most types of business software subscription renewals can be financed. 

Benefits of Software Financing Options

Select any software vendor and Dimension Funding will provide multiple software financing options. We specialize in providing financing to small to medium-sized businesses. Rather than using up your available resources, you can spread the software financing over a term of up to 60 months.

Fast Approvals & Funding: Get approved for software financing usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, your funding is often within 48 hours but can be the same day.

Established in 1978, for over 40 years Dimension Funding has been providing financing to software vendors & borrowers.  


Benefits of Software Financing with Dimension Funding

No Financials Required Up to $500k

No other finance company offers the ease of getting capital this quick. Good credit = Approved!

Quick Approvals

Most of the time no application is required, simply give proposal or quote to us and we will have an approval within 24 hours.

Industry Expertise

We understand your business and the flexibility needed to get transactions done.

Simple Documentation

Dimension Funding prepares all the paperwork and DocuSign is available on most transactions. Sign a few pages and you are done!



In addition to financing the software, hardware costs can be included in the financing.

Training Costs

No software project is complete without training costs. Include all training costs in the financing avoiding a large outlay of cash at the beginning of the project.

Delivery & Maintenance

Delivery and maintenance of the hardware and technology associated with the software purchase is included in the financing.


Get up to $500k of "No Application" financing for software and related project costs. Financing for over $500k requires financial statements but is still a streamlined process.

Third-Party Vendors

Consultants, third-party vendors and other costs can be included in the financing so instead of substantial upfront costs, you only have one, low monthly payment.

Implementation Costs

Any costs of implementing the software purchase can be included in the 100% financing of project costs.

Software Financing Concept

Multi-Year Subscriptions

You don’t use ERP or CRM Software for One Year. Why Purchase a One-Year Subscription?

Flexible Financing Options

Bundled Services

Our financing solution combines a software subscription, services and equipment from other manufacturers for one easy monthly payment.

Maintenance & Services Only

Services can be financed on a standalone agreement for a term matching the length of the service contract.

Multi-Year Subscriptions

Allows you to lock in current pricing, helps you to avoid large upfront capital investment and can potentially save you money by purchasing multi-year

software financing made simple

No Financials required on approvals up to $500k


Get a quick, no obligation, commercial equipment financing quote. 


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