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Thank you! Mark Grimes will be contacting your client shortly.

He is your Dedicated Account Financing Manager

Mark Grimes, Faye Business Systems Group’s dedicated account manager from Dimension Funding, will be contacting your client to learn more about their financing goals and objectives. Mark will help them determine the best financing options available to them based on their unique situation. 

Your Dimension Funding Account Manager


Reach out to Mark for more information on any of our promotions. He will work with your client to create a financing package that will work best for them. 

Mark has been with Dimension Funding for over 20 years and is well liked and respected by his customers, colleagues and staff. He will listen to your clients’ concerns and help them figure out the best way forward. 

Benefits of Financing with Dimension Funding

Get quick and easy financing that allows borrowers to make one low monthly payment. Fast, electronic approval process – usually within a few hours. Funding is generally either same day or next day. 

Save Working Capital

Dimension Funding’s financing programs are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of our valued customers. 

We look forward to helping you and your clients achieve business goals and objectives. 

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