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Making Glycol Heaters & Chillers Affordable

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Financing Options for TankTemp Clients

Dimension Funding has partnered with TankTemp to make their Glycol Heaters and Chillers more affordable. We are offering competitive and affordable lease terms. Dimension Funding’s credit review process is very quick, and generally little-to-no financial information is required to get approved.

No Payments for 90 Days

Purchase your chiller or other equipment and use it for 90 days before you have to make the first monthly payment. This saves your cash flow and working capital.

You make NO PAYMENTS for 90 days

Financing is a Better Idea

Saves Working Capital & Cash On Hand

You get your chiller IMMEDIATELY

No Payments for 90 Days

Brewery / Winery Solutions Made Simple

Turn a Large Equipment Purchase Into a Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a large upfront equipment cost, turn that payment into a fixed, low monthly payment across the life of the asset. 

TankTemp Iceberg Series Duo

Financing Includes Equipment Costs & Soft Costs

Include all of the project costs such as equipment and other upfront costs, as a part of that low monthly payment. 

Take Advantage of IRS Section 179 Tax Benefits

Purchase your hardware while reducing your 2024 taxes

Write off the entire purchase on your 2024 taxes. If you qualify for the deferred payments, your first payment is 90 days after you purchase the equipment. 

2024 Deduction Limit for Section 179 is $1,220,000

For equipment or software purchases up to $1,220,000, your company can deduct the entire amount from your gross income.*

2024 Spending Cap Limit for IRS Section 179 is $3,050,000.

For purchases over $1,220,000, your company still gets the benefit of Section 179 tax write-off with the bonus depreciation of 60% after the spending cap is reached.*

Consult with your accounting professional regarding any tax benefits you are entitled to. Not intended as legal advice. 

Up to $250k in Application Only Financing

Get “No-Hassle” financing up to $250k without providing financial statements. It’s fast & easy. (Financing for amounts over $250k do require financing statements but the process is still very streamlined.)

No-Hassle, Fast & Easy Financing

Electronic Approval of $500k software financing


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“We found Dimension Funding to be a very professional organization to work with. They are attentive to our needs and have helped us increase our sales through financing as well as financing several pieces of equipment for our company.”

Bob Bailey
Director of Sales
Carlson Software