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Financing Promotions for P2 Industrial Tool Supply Clients

Dimension Funding has partnered with P2 Industrial Tool Supply to make it more affordable than ever to purchase industry-leading bolting solutions for all industries: oil & gas, wind energy, mining, steel, heavy machinery, chemical, or manufacturing. With financing from Dimension Funding and the promotions we offer,  we are making P2 Industrial Tool Supply equipment affordable in this time of uncertainty.

If you would like to explore different financing options and the promotions available to you (some restrictions apply), please contact Krystel Frank. She can help you find the best financing alternatives for your situation.

Turn a Large Equipment Purchase Into a Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a large upfront equipment cost, turn that payment into a fixed, low monthly payment across the life of the equipment. Include all of the project costs such as maintenance, delivery, and hard costs, as a part of that low monthly payment. 

Take Advantage of IRS Section 179 Tax Benefits

Purchase your equipment while reducing your 2023 taxes

Write off the entire purchase on your 2023 taxes. If you qualify for the deferred payments, your first payment is 90 days after you purchase the equipment. 

2023 Deduction Limit for Section 179 is $1,160,000.

For equipment or software purchases up to $1,160,000, your company can deduct the entire amount from your gross income.*

2023 Bonus Depreciation Limit for IRS Section 179 is $2,890,000.

For purchases over $1,160,000, your company still gets the benefit of Section 179 tax write-off with the bonus depreciation of up to 80%.*

*Please consult your tax professional on whether you qualify. This is not intended to be legal advice.

Up to $250k in Application Only Financing

Get “No-Hassle” financing up to $250k without providing financial statements. It’s fast & easy. (Financing for amounts over $250k do require financing statements but the process is still very streamlined.)

No-Hassle, Fast & Easy Financing

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Reach out to Krystel for more information on any of the promotions. She will work with you to create a financing package that will work best for your company. 

Krystel has been with Dimension Funding for many years and is well liked and respected by her customers, colleagues and staff. She will listen to your concerns and help you figure out the best way forward. 

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No-Hassle, Fast & Easy Financing


“We found Dimension Funding to be a very professional organization to work with. They are attentive to our needs and have helped us increase our sales through financing as well as financing several pieces of equipment for our company.”

Bob Bailey
Director of Sales, Carlson Software