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Tools to Increase your Sales

We are offering a variety of software financing promotions to help you convert prospects into customers. Particularly in today’s uncertain economy, you need all of the tools at your disposal to generate more sales and meet the needs of your customers.

Dimension Funding has put together several different promotions to assist you in generating more sales. If you don’t see a promotion you would like to see, ask your account manager about putting one together. 

Our goal is to offer creative and innovative financing options that help you in your efforts to increase sales, renew subscriptions and increase your opportunity size. 

No Payments for 90 Days

Your customers get to purchase your software and use it for 90 days before they have to make the first monthly payment. This saves their cash flow and working capital.

Your customers make NO PAYMENTS for 90 days

Saves Working Capital & Cash On Hand

You get paid IMMEDIATELY

No Collections

Zero Percent Financing Promotion

Instead of offering discounts on your software, offer your prospects 0% financing from Dimension Funding. It takes financing and the interest rate completely off the table. 

Zero Percent Financing
Offer Zero Percent Financing

Beat the Bank Rate

By offering 0% financing from Dimension Funding, your customer has no incentive to “shop around” for better interest rates or financing. Instead, the conversation stays on the benefits of your software solutions.

How It Works

Instead of offering a discount on your software, we work with you so that you can offer 0% financing. Contact your account manager for more details.

Up to $500k in Application Only Financing

Your customers get “No-Hassle” financing up to $500k without providing financial statements. It’s fast & easy.

Software Financing Application Approved for $500k

Turn the Annual Subscription Into a Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a large annual subscription payment, turn that payment into a fixed, low monthly payment across the term of the subscription. Include all of the project costs such as training, implementation, hardware, third-party vendors and other costs, as a part of that low monthly payment. 

Design your Own Promotion

We are flexible in creating promotions that will assist you in generating sales. If you have any idea for a promotion that is not listed here, speak with your account manager and we’ll put it together for you, if possible. 

Our goal is to assist you in meeting your sales goals by providing creative and innovative financing. Any promotion that will help you reach those goals can be designed for you.

Teamwork Putting Financing Promotions Together

Partner in Success

Successful vendors, suppliers, resellers and manufacturers rely on Dimension Funding as their financing partner to proactively implement financing programs. As your partner in success, we are ready to help you leverage new business and upgrade existing clients.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Vendors, suppliers, resellers and manufacturers rely on Dimension Funding’s professionalism to preserve end-user customer relationships through careful, thoughtful, account management.