Point of Sale Financing Increasing Sales

Increase Your Business by Offering Point of Sale Financing

When it comes to manufacturing and reaching your customers, business-to-business sales tend to be a little different than business-to-consumer. Your product, whether it’s vehicles, equipment, or software, is essential for businesses to operate. However, manufacturers often run into a problem. Small businesses that need the product or equipment your business is manufacturing often cannot afford the entire upfront cost of your product or it would negatively impact their working capital. This barrier not only hurts the small business who could significantly use your business to expand their own, but it also creates a barrier to your sales and ability to reach all business owners in your market.

One solution to expanding your business-to-business sales is to offer financing at the point-of-sale for your clients. According to a Forrester Research Study, businesses that offer to finance can expect up to a 32% increase in their sales. Like any business, the one you own could surely benefit from a nearly one-third increase in your sales, right? The problem is, how can your business afford to offer credit or financing to your customers and let the product walk out the door without full payment? Third-party financing vendors can help you!

Benefits of Point of Sale Financing to Businesses

Your business owner customers love POS financing because they can get a quick decision due to expedited underwriting and an electronic application process. Many customers also see benefits through these financing methods compared to trying to secure a small business loan outside of your company through traditional lending.

How often do you have customers checking out your equipment, fleets, software, or other business products, just to leave empty-handed when they find out the cost of what they need? Many of these business owners plan to obtain a small business loan to make a large purchase; however, how often do they return? Offering customers the ability to immediately purchase the equipment, software, or technology they need to grow their business through POS financing is a surefire way to increase your sales and customer base.

Another benefit of capturing the sale through POS financing is the added opportunity to up-sell the business owner. When customers obtain financing from some third-party financing companies, they can turn the large upfront costs into a monthly payment. Manufacturers have the opportunity to offer the business owner a chance at better technology, the upgraded model they were eagerly eyeing, or adding on the bonus of automatic yearly or multi-year subscription software services to the sale. The Forester Study referenced early also showed that most of your business clientele would increase their order value by up to 75% when they qualify for POS financing.

Business owners also have the opportunity to secure funding without having to jump through the hoops of mountains of paperwork and applications, compiling information that lenders suggest, and dedicating the extra time to securing a loan. Through POS financing under $500,000, a business owner can often skip most of the paperwork in many cases and get approval with just a one-page financing application.

The ability to increase your average transaction dollar amount without reducing your margins substantially adds to the profitability of a manufacturing company or wholesaler.

Manufacturing companies often need a large amount of working capital in order to offer their customers in-house financing programs. However, there are third party financing vendors that your manufacturing or wholesale company can partner with to leverage these financing options at the point of sale.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Vendors for Financing

One of the most significant benefits of using a third-party vendor for your point-of-sale financing is the shortened time between the sale and collecting the total payment. When companies use third-party vendors for financing, there is usually no wait time between the sale agreement and payment in full. The business-owning customer is making their payments to the financing vendor who, in turn, fronts the payment to your business for the customer. The third-party vendor will make money from interest rates while you have peace of mind that you captured a more significant sale and a loyal customer through financing.

Another significant benefit of using third party financing vendors is the ability to approve customers for loans who may not qualify under traditional financing guidelines through banks or other lending institutions. Third-party vendors understand that not every business has working capital and cash flow that allows them to make large purchases. When business owners cannot qualify or get turned down by banks for traditional business loans, they usually think their options for financing are limited. Third-party vendors open up brand-new doors for your customers to expand or upgrade while also building their business credit and reputation.

Another difference between financing companies and a bank is that the bank usually requires a UCC on all of the business’ assets. Financing companies are generally unsecured because they only have the purchased equipment or software as collateral. Purchasers generally are not eager to have all of their business assets as security for a bank loan.

If your business is ready to take the plunge to finance business owners at the point of sale, and you want more information on how to make this possible through third-party vendors, contact Dimension Funding today at 800-755-0585.