Return to Work Toolkit

A Plan for getting back to work safely

Return to Work Toolkit

The plan to reopen America includes phases, and navigating through the different rules and regulations of each can be challenging. There’s a lot to think about before you can consider bringing employees back into the workplace, but there’s no roadmap to reopening your business. That’s why you’ll need to develop your plan tailored to the industry and business needs.

Our Return to Work toolkit is precisely what you need to spearhead reopening your business and bringing employees back into your office. Some of the points we cover in this kit include:

  • Making HR-related decisions
  • Revisiting your hiring processes
  • Considering the benefits, your company offers to employees
  • Dealing with employees who don’t want to return to work
  • Social distancing guidelines in the office
  • Health and safety
  • Best practices
  • And much more!

Don’t let your head keep spinning over how to stay compliant with federal regulations while reopening your business. Use our simple-to-use Return to Work Toolkit to plot out exactly how to best recall your employees and start making a profit in your new normal. Click here to download and start your plan today!

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