Restaurant Reinforcement: The Importance Of Working Capital In The Food Business

Restaurant Financing

Business Financing for Restaurants Means Better Profitability

Whether you run a large restaurant chain, a single cafe, or anything in between, financing is always a challenge in the food business. Not only do you need a large supply of inventory and equipment at all times, but you also must be prepared to address sudden changes that sap your revenue or raise costs. Only through regular access to affordable working capital can you meet these obligations and stay profitable. Dimension Funding offers working capital at generous rates and with little paperwork, making it easy for you to:

Invest in Equipment

No restaurant can afford to wait for more advanced equipment. The latest grills, fryers, stoves, and order devices improve kitchen efficiency, speeding up the cooking process while saving electricity and gas. This means that every second you wait to purchase new devices is wasted money, but how can you make such expensive investments if you don’t have cash on hand?

Working capital provides a simple solution to this problem. By borrowing the funds to purchase new restaurant equipment now and paying off the loan with the savings and revenues you generate, you can take advantages of all opportunities to enhance your business as soon as they arise. In this way, you’ll never miss a chance to cut costs and expand your market share.

Shore Up Safety

In addition to cutting costs and boosting revenues, working capital gives you a chance to achieve greater health and safety for your customers and employees. Keeping food free from contamination means buying the best cleaning and refrigeration products on the market. Likewise, if you want to avoid slip, fall, and trip injuries, you have to keep your floor in good condition. All of these steps require heavy upfront investments, and working capital gives you the money to make such investments. In this way, you can improve your company’s reputation while keeping liabilities and settlements to a minimum.

Survive a Shifting Market

The restaurant industry is subject to constant shifts in demand and costs, some predictable and others sudden. Say that you depend on tourists for much of your business, but most of those tourists come during the summer. You’ll still have to pay your employees, suppliers, and landlord the rest of the year, but may not have enough revenue to do so. Likewise, if a natural disaster damages your premises or disrupts supply lines, your costs could rise dramatically. Working capital lets you weather these shifts, staying in business until your costs and revenues return to normal.

Dimension Funding is committed to helping your restaurant succeed. We supply working capital and a variety of other financing options, allowing you to make the investments you need quickly and affordably. For more information, contact us today.