Increase your Sales by 32%

Offer Financing from Dimension Funding at the Point of Sale

“According to a Forbes article, vendors who offer financing at the point of sale increase their sales by 32%. “

Increase your Sales by Offering Financing

Work with a Partner Who is Focused on Improving your Bottom Line

According to a Forbes article citing a Forrester Research study, offering financing at the point of sale increases sales by 32% on average. If you aren’t providing financing, you are leaving money on the table. 

We make it incredibly easy for you to offer your customers financing options. We work with almost any sized vendor from local vendors to national chains. 

You get paid in full and your customer gets low, fixed monthly payments on a term that’s good for them.

Partnering with Dimension

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Established in 1978. Over 40 years of partnering with vendors.

Forrester Research Findings Overview

According to a research study done by Forrester Research, there is tremendous potential for companies to increase their sales & ROI by offering financing at the point of sale. 

Offering Financing at the Point of Sale:

Why Dimension Funding

What the Research Shows

According to a study done by Forrester Research, offering financing at the point of sale has the following results

32% Increase in Incremental Sales

Because you would be expanding your customer base to companies who previously might not have been able to afford your products, you will see a large increase in incremental sales. 

Convert Customers with Less Than Perfect Credit

Customers who are unable to get bank loans can often qualify for financing through Dimension Funding. We accept customers with Tier A to Marginal Credit. 

Expands your Customer Base

Customers who previously might not have been able to afford your equipment are now able to purchase it because of the extended finance terms. 

Incremental Sales Increase As a Result of Offering Financing

The 32% lift in incremental sales would not have happened without the Point of Sale Financing. 

75% Lift in Average Order Size

While your average order increase might not be as dramatic, by offering financing with extended terms, customers can afford to purchase more products or higher priced products.

726% Increase in ROI

Across the study, Forrester found an ROI of 726%. This was for primarily smaller ticket items rather than equipment. Your ROI is likely to be less but still a substantial increase in ROI. 

Benefits to Borrowers


“We found Dimension Funding to be a very professional organization to work with. They are attentive to our needs and have helped us increase our sales through financing as well as financing several pieces of equipment for our company.”

Bob Bailey, Director of Sales
Carlson Software

Partnering with Dimension Funding

Branding / Marketing Support

We provide literature and marketing support for your dealers and sales teams on financing alternatives available to your customers. It makes the process simple and easy.

Fast Process

We generate quotes and process applications usually within an hour or two. It's fast, simple and easy. 

Exceptional Service & Support

We partner with you to help you generate more business. Our team offers exceptional service and support to our vendor partners and to borrowers. 

Tailored Financial Alternatives

We offer financing alternatives tailored to the needs of your customer. Instead of a one-size fits all solution, we offer a variety of financing options. This allows you to close more deals faster.

Electronic Applications

Your customer can take care of the application online. It's quick. It's easy. Very little paperwork and in many cases, no paperwork at all.


Over half of our sales team have been with us for over 20 years. Some as long as 30+ years. Many of our clients have been with us for almost as long. Our corporate culture is unique in the industry.

Working Together Concept Financing Increasing Equipment Sales

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Offer Financing to Your Customers

We work with almost all types of equipment vendors & software vendors to provide financing for your clients. Accelerate your sales cycle, improve your closing rates and increase your profit margins by offering financing from Dimension Funding.

Learn more about the benefits of having Dimension Funding as your financing partner.

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