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Dimension Funding and Latin Leasing announce a Strategic Partnership Expanding Financing Options for Equipment Vendors & Purchasers in Latin America and the United States

Irvine, CA. September 4 2019.

Today Dimension Funding and Latin Leasing announced a strategic partnership that will affect equipment vendors and purchasers in both Latin American and the United States and provide expanded opportunities for financing.

With the availability of financing playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, this partnership gives businesses in both the United States and Latin America better access to funding options. It is particularly important for businesses who have holdings in both the US and South America. “It gives equipment vendors and their customers the security of working through a local financing source even when obtaining funding for a branch located in another country,” said Larry Wagner, COO of Dimension Funding. “You get the best of both worlds.”

As many companies expand into global markets, it’s important that their financing options expand with them. When an equipment vendor has branches thousands of miles away from its home country, having a local financing company can simplify and increase the vendor’s financing options.

“Having a strategic partnership with Latin Leasing will allow us to ensure that our clients with holdings in South America get the funding they need from a financing partner that they can trust. It also allows the customers of Latin Leasing who have businesses in the US to get funding in the US from an established, financial partner,“ said Larry Wagner.

As a result of this partnership, vendors and purchasers will be able to work with local financing companies that know the laws of the respective country, the language and the businesses involved.

“We are excited to be able to offer funding to the clients of Latin Leasing who require funding in the United States,” said Larry Wagner. “We are also excited to be able to offer our equipment vendors the opportunity for funding in South America from a financing company who knows the local equipment financing business. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership as more businesses require international financing.”

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About Dimension Funding

Since 1978 Dimension Funding has built and maintained a solid track record and reputation as a trusted source for capital for US and Canadian business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. Dimension Funding works with equipment vendors and software vendors and their clients to provide fast & hassle-free financing solutions to help companies grow their business and be successful.

Dimension Funding specializes in providing financing for almost all types of equipment, software & technology across industries, including heavy equipment & construction, breweries & food processing, all types of software, particularly subscription software, medical equipment, legal software & technology and commercial equipment. Their commitment to providing excellent service & exceptional communication has earned us an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

About Latin Leasing

Latin Leasing provides financial solutions for both equipment buyers and sellers, like equipment manufacturers and distributors. Their ability to support a wide range of equipment types, across a variety of industries and countries in North, Central South America and the Caribbean, enables them to support local and international business needs. Latin Leasing services a wide range of industries and equipment types with International equipment financing solutions: Finance Leases, Residual Leases, and Equipment Financing Loans.


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