Yeti Bottle - Can you bottle that?

Can You Bottle That?

The VP / COO of Dimension Funding surprised every staff member with a Yeti bottle, “just because.” The Yeti bottles are a beautiful steel gray with our corporate branding. It was a spur of the moment impulse on the part of Dimension Funding’s VP. He personally likes the Yeti bottles and he wanted to share them with the people with whom he works. He handed them out at an impromptu meeting at corporate headquarters. The rest were sent to our other offices.

Dimension Funding’s VP is also concerned about the environment. Reducing our environmental footprint also factored into the decision to give the staff Yeti bottles. It should help us reduce our use of paper cups and plastic bottles.

While a Yeti bottle may not seem like much since you can purchase them yourself for less than $50, the spontaneous gift from your place of employment and given out personally by the VP of the company says a lot about the corporate culture. It explains why most of the staff at Dimension Funding have been here for more than 10 years and many for over 20 years.

The VP of Dimension Funding also likes to remain anonymous which is why his name is not mentioned in this post. Please don’t out him.

And “No, we are not hiring at the moment” but I recommend that you follow Dimension Funding on LinkedIn so that you don’t miss out on any job openings. You won’t find many companies like this one.