Benefits of a Software Vendor Partner

Why You Need a Software Financing Partner

Many small and medium businesses desperately need new software and subscription services; however, they lack the capital and cash to purchase everything they need to run their company successfully upfront. Unfortunately for software vendors, this means that you are missing out on valuable opportunities to get your product and services into the hands of business owners everywhere.

What you may not realize is the solution to marketing your product to every business owner is to offer financing. Allowing your customers and clients to order, install, and maintain the subscription software while making monthly payments will encourage more consumers to purchase and use your software.

As a business owner, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have the money or capital to just allow my product to walk out the door without it being paid in full.”

Every business owner asks that same question and what you might not know is that there are funding groups available who can be your subscription software financing partner and solve that problem.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Software Financing Vendor

There are many more benefits to partnering with a financing company beyond the ability to get your product into more consumer’s hands. When you partner with a financing company, you will see your profits shoot up. Customers will be more interested in your software knowing they can make monthly payments rather than having to save up hundreds or thousands of dollars for subscriptions and software. When you allow financing of your product through a financing company, the payment to your company is still the full price of the software. The payment will just come from your funding partner rather than the customer.

These monetary perks are exceptionally useful amidst global pandemics and economic downturn when businesses are struggling for cashflow and working capital. However, some financing partners, like Dimension Funding, offer a lot more perks as well including tailored marketing services.

Here are a few of the marketing services that we offer…

Co-branded Landing Pages – We create tailored landing pages on the Dimension Funding website that offer financing promotions to your prospects based on their unique needs. You get a personalized link to distribute to your prospects offering financing and co-branded with your logo, information and value proposition. We work with you to offer promotions that will engage your prospects and turn them into sales. Work with our marketing department or your account manager to put together landing pages that will promote your products and offer financing options that makes sense for your customers.

Advertising Flyers / Datasheets – We design co-branded flyers or datasheets in PDF format for your use in turning prospects into sales. We offer special promotions to your prospects designed to meet the needs of your prospects. We create professionally designed flyers and datasheets for your use to give to prospects and customers that offer financing promotions, special offers and the benefits of financing that eliminates a large cash outlay and saves working capital.

Email Marketing Dimension Funding will help you with email marketing and messaging that will get a better response from your prospects. We may be able to expand your reach with email marketing ideas and concepts that will engage prospects.

Exclusive Offers Be the first to be able to offer discounts and special financing offers to your prospects and customers. By offering financing promotions designed for your customers, you can turn more prospects into customers and close more deals.

Custom Promotions Just for your Prospects If you have an idea for a custom financing program tailored to your prospects, we will work with you to put it together. There are limitations on what is available but within those limitations, we can create personalized promotions for your prospects and customers that will generate more sales. Customized promotions can also help to close many deals instead of the prospect going dark.

White Papers / Literature – Work with Dimension Funding to create White Papers, Blog Posts or other Literature that can be used to generate more prospects. We will promote these on social media, in our quarterly newsletter and in our email-marketing reaching many thousands of prospects.

Social Media – As a preferred vendor in our vendor partner program, we will work with you to create cobranded LinkedIn posts and other social media posts to get you in front of an expanded audience and engage your current LinkedIn audience with messaging that will generate more interest and leads.

Dimension Funding will also work with you to generate sales and increase your leads by adding valuable widgets to your website such as a financing tool that allows customers to apply for financing directly online through your site without having to speak to anyone.  A payment calculator is another option that Dimension Funding can add to your site as well as a mobile app that allows you to get financing information from their iPhones.

Who would have thought that your subscription financing vendor could also serve as your marketing partner? Dimension Funding is the partner you are looking for to grow your business through offering innovative solutions to financing to your customers and clients that also address your marketing needs.