The Benefits of Medical Equipment Financing and Leasing

Leasing Medical Equipment

The Benefits of Medical Equipment Financing and Leasing

Leasing Medical Equipment

When it comes to the healthcare industry, effective medical equipment financing is literally a matter of life and death. Unless you can obtain the most advanced equipment, drugs, and personnel to deal with every variety of diseases and injuries, you won’t be able to heal patients in critical conditions. For this reason, it is essential that you consider all your financial options and choose the one that best fits the needs of your hospital. In particular, you should never overlook the opportunity to lease medical equipment rather than buy it, an option that allows you to:

Invest in the Most Advanced Medical Equipment

If you insist on buying your equipment outright, you may not be able to afford the most advanced devices right away, forcing you to wait until you can save up enough money. Leasing lets you use those devices now, reaping benefits such as:

  • Lower Costs– More modern medical devices often use less energy for the work they do, lowering your power bill. This will improve the financial health of your hospital while helping make up the cost of the lease.
  • Better Outcomes– The more advanced medical equipment is, the more effective it will be at treating patients’ diseases and injuries. This speeds up recovery times, improves patients’ quality of life, and even saves lives.
  • Faster Service– Many of the latest medical devices serve patients more quickly than their older counterparts. Given how serious hospital overcrowding has become, there are few better investments you can make for your facility.

Remember that these benefits of financing and leasing don’t just help your facility and patients. By serving a larger number of people and achieving better outcomes, you reduce the strain on other hospitals and clinics as well, leading to better results throughout the healthcare system.

Keep Cash on Hand for Emergencies

Even if you have the money to buy all the advanced devices you need now, tying up that money in equipment may not be a wise decision for your hospital or patients. Remember that a natural disaster or other crisis could strike at any moment, causing a dramatic increase in injuries and illnesses. To meet the needs of this horde of new patients, you will have to order more drugs and devices, pay enough people to stay fully staffed at all times, and use more of your equipment ‘round the clock. All of these steps require massive spending, and without cash on hand, you may not be up to the challenge. Leasing your equipment leaves your funds free, allowing you to stay prepared for emergencies.

Dimension Funding offers medical equipment financing and leases for a wide variety of medical devices. To learn more or get started applying, contact us today.

Payment Prudence: Why You Should Opt For Software Leasing

Software Leasing

Payment Prudence: Why You Should Opt For Software Leasing

Software Leasing

The role and importance of business software has changed dramatically in the past few decades, yet many firms are still treating software financing the same way they always have. Companies continue to purchase programs outright, even when they are of limited long-term value. Instead, you should consider leasing software for your business, especially if:

You’re Concerned About Capital

If you lack the cash to purchase valuable programs, leasing allows you to gain access to them immediately rather than having to save up money. This means you can reap any productivity or cost-cutting rewards the software brings now, taking full advantage of all opportunities to grow as a business. Even if you have the money, leasing leaves you free to spend more of it on other investments rather than sinking it all into digital purchases. These savings are further enhanced by the many tax advantages that come with leasing.

You Can’t Keep Up with Updates

If you don’t specialize in tech, you likely have trouble keeping track of new software updates. Even when you know new programs are available, you may not be able to judge how valuable they are to your business. Software providers have the specialized knowledge to identify and evaluate updates. Leasing also means you won’t have to spend money on programs that will soon become obsolete, limiting your potential for lost investments.

You Need a Myriad of Products

If your company relies on a wide range of different programs and applications, buying them all may create an enormous logistical and financial hassle. Leasing allows you to gain access to a multitude of products without the burden of purchasing each one. The examples/types of leased software include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, computer-aided design (CAD) programs, ecommerce software, and Point of Sale (POS) applications.

You Require Supplementary Services

Leasing software gives you access to a range of services that supplement the programs themselves. These include training your staff to use the software and customizing it to fit your unique needs. Providers also tend to offer troubleshooting and security services to you if you lease.

You Still Desire Ownership

If you still desire the benefits of ownership, many leases allow you to become the owner once the contract comes to an end. Such leases often require no additional payments, all while letting you reap the benefits of leasing prior to that point.

Dimension Funding offers the full range of business software products, along with quality support services, to all companies and organizations. For more information or to sign up for a lease, contact us