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Rewards Incentive Program

Corporate Rewards Incentive Program

To thank you for selecting Dimension Funding as your financing partner, we are proud to offer an exciting new Rewards Incentive Program. For every new customer that funds, choose from the following:

Apple or Android Watch


AmEx or Amazon Gift Card

Offer Ends September 30, 2022.

Dimension’s innovative, creative and flexible Customer Financing Programs help you to:

Terms And Condtions Apply*

What if the customer I refer doesn't fund?

You only get rewards if the referral funds. However, if you send us multiple referrals, contact your account manager. There are still rewards available.

Is there a size limit?

*Yes. Referrals that fund for less than $25k will not result in one of the above rewards. However, contact your Dimension Funding account manager to see if something can be arranged.

What if it funds after the end of the promotion?

Contact your account manager. Something can be arranged.

What if I want a different reward?

As a vendor partner, we want you to be happy. Contact your account manager. Something can be arranged.

*New Customers Only
*One Item Per Transaction
*No Limit to Unique Transactions Per Rep.

About Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding LLC, was founded in 1978, in Irvine, California, as an Independent lease / finance company, providing creative, innovative and flexible customer financing programs to our vendor partners across the United States and Canada. Still a family business, Dimension has created an atmosphere of stability and integrity that has earned the company a reputation as one of the most successful capital equipment and technology system lessors in the country. 

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

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