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Finance New or Used Brewing Equipment


Bottling / Canning Systems

Tanks and Keg Washers

Refrigeration Equipment

Dimension Funding is a financing partner for Micro Matic. We provide financing to Micro Matic customers. 

We finance almost all brewery equipment including: Fermentation Tanks, Grain Handlers, Brewing Kettles, Mashers, Boilers, Pumps, Fillers, Bottling Lines, Canning Lines, Filters, Labeling Machines, Refrigerators/Coolers, Kegs and much more. 

Dimension Funding guarantees breweries the best rates available to their credit rating. Terms up to 60 months.


New or Used Brewery Equipment

Brewery equipment financing for new or used brewery equipment. Expand your brewery or update current brewery equipment. If you finance an equipment purchase without including software in the financing, you can get up to $250k in "Application Only" financing. Amounts over $250k require financing statements.

Delivery, Setup & Maintenance

By including these costs in your brewery equipment financing, you avoid a big cost outlay at the time of purchase.


Software can be included as part of the financing. If you finance software, you can get up to $500k in "Application Only" financing. Financing over $500k requires financial statements.

Other Vendors

Third-party vendors can be included in the financing, such as consultants, other hardware, etc. This allows you to update your brewery equipment without having a large outlay of cash at the time of purchase.

Brewery Equipment

Dimension Funding is a Financing Partner for Micro Matic

Your Account Manager


Reach out to Dave for more information on financing and any of our current financing promotions. He will work with you to create a financing package that will work best for your company. 

Dave has been with Dimension Funding for over 20 years and is well liked and respected by his customers, colleagues and staff. He will listen to your concerns and help you figure out the best way forward. 

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Since 1978, Dimension Funding has built and maintained a solid track record and reputation as a trusted source for capital for U.S. and Canadian business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals to help grow their business. We specialize in providing financing for breweries, construction companies and other businesses. 

We focus on good communication with our borrowers and vendors. We keep you informed during the entire process.

Our corporate culture is built on “treating people with dignity and respect.” That includes not only customers but our staff and anyone we interact with. Many of our customers have been with us for years and in some cases, decades. Over half of our staff have been with the company for close to ten years and many over 20 years. 

An A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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No-Hassle, Fast & Easy Financing


“We found Dimension Funding to be a very professional organization to work with. They are attentive to our needs and have helped us increase our sales through financing as well as financing several pieces of equipment for our company.”

Bob Bailey
Director of Sales, Carlson Software

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