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IT Hardware

IT Hardware Cloud Storage Financing

Technology can be expensive to implement with high upfront costs. Get financing for almost any technology including computer, servers, and training & implementation costs. 


HR & Accounting Software Financing

Financing for almost all types of software including subscription software, Legal, ERP, CRM, Financial, HR, and SaaS programs.


Training can be included in law firm technology financing including consultants and professional services.



Implementation can be one of the largest costs of implementing hardware or software. Implementation costs can be bundled into your law firm technology financing.

No-Hassle Technology Financing

With financing from Dimension Funding, technology costs can be rolled into financing with one, fixed low monthly payment for your law firm. These bundled costs include hardware, software, implementation costs and third-party vendors such as consultants and training costs.

With over 40 years of providing financing to law firms and small to medium-sized businesses, we can help you get the financing you need at low monthly payments and extended terms. Speak to one of our financing experts to explore your financing options and what makes the best sense for your law firm. 

Fast Approvals & Funding: Get approved for financing usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, your funding is within 48 hours but is often the same day (again with some exceptions).

Quick & Easy Funding for IT Equipment

One Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a large outlay of capital for technology, you have one monthly payment over a term of up to 60 months.

Easy Application Process

Fast & easy application process with quick approvals and fast funding. 

Conserves Working Capital

Keep your working capital and cash for day-to-day expenses and for emergencies.

Update or Expand Technology

Update your technology to improve your law firm operations, reduce expenses, increase productivity. 



We finance almost any type of equipment & hardware both new and used.

Training Costs

No software project is complete without training costs. Include all training costs in the financing avoiding a large outlay of cash at the beginning of the project.

Delivery & Maintenance

Delivery and maintenance of the hardware, equipment or technology associated with the purchase is included in the financing.


Get up to $500k of "No Application" financing for software and related project costs. Financing for over $500k requires financial statements but is still a streamlined process.

Other Vendors

Consultants, third-party vendors and other costs can be included in the financing so instead of substantial upfront costs, you only have one, low monthly payment.

Implementation Costs

Any costs of implementing the purchase can be included in the 100% financing of project costs.

Learn more about your financing options. Speak with a financing expert. 

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