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about IT Budget Redefined

background info

The concept of “IT Budget ReDefined” was created as a result of IAMCP members working together.  From the West Coast, Richard, an IAMCP member since 2018, was partnering with other IAMCP members throughout the USA to recover profits through R&D credits for their own companies and finding cash for their clients to pay for their tech projects. From Florida, Dean, an IAMCP member for over 10 years, was partnering with IAMCP members to provide unique funding methods for the clients of those IAMCP members throughout the USA. Dean sent out an email describing his companies unique method of creating individualized funding programs for Tech companies — Richard saw the email and reached out to Dean.

After some discussion about each other’s programs, Dean and Richard had a brainstorm.  What if we could combine our programs so Tech companies could offer their clients an easier way to pay for the projects that they needed, but struggled to afford?  IT Budget ReDefined was born. With ReDefined, a Tech company can offer low (or no) monthly payments to a client and, concurrently, see if they can get the client qualified for Government credits which might pay for the entire project and more. AND… you receive the full payment for your project up front and  there is both immediate and residual income to your company when your client receives credits.

When this program was introduced to IAMCP Americas, they immediately saw the potential for the members and an agreement was entered into to offer this unique financing and funding program to IAMCP members across the country.

Our Goal

The goal of IT Budget ReDefined is to provide IAMCP members with a unique tool to enhance their businesses. A tool that can increase sales and profitability without increasing overhead or labor. You have the ability to be more than a provider of IT services; with IT Budget ReDefined, you can show your clients that you care about their entire business and bring a new level of partnering.

IT Budget Redefined Philosophy

About our future

IT Budget ReDefined will continue to work with IAMCP members to enhance, not only the unique programs that you bring to your clients, but the ease of operation and the strength and individualization of your marketing efforts.


Your IAMCP member partners

Dean Morrison

Dean Morrison

Dean Morrison has been working with technology companies for over 35 years to help them successfully utilize flexible, innovative and creative customer financing programs as an important strategy to leverage and close more sales. A graduate of NYIT with an MBA in Sales Management, Dean has been the architect for successful national, regional and local programs with technology partners across the country. A native New Yorker, Dean has lived in South Florida since 1983 among 15 different varieties of banana plants. The realization of the IT Budget ReDefined provides an excellent opportunity to interact with IAMCP members providing an outstanding tool that will create profitable transactions, generate immediate success stories and develop lasting and productive business relationships.

Richard Toral

Richard is a Southern California resident since graduating from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. He has been a successful entrepreneur and has had the opportunity to build several businesses from the ground up, so his sympathy and knowledge lies with the small to mid-sized business owner. The years of company building has given Richard perspective on both the needs of the IT companies that make up the IAMCP membership and, also, their clients, who are typically entrepreneurial, growing and excited about their future. The creation and implementation of IT Budget ReDefined is an opportunity to help many IAMCP partners and help their clients grow and prosper. THAT is the goal. Please join Richard on LinkedIn and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish.

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