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Combine our Deferred Payments with Section 179 Tax Deductions

No Payments for 90 Days; Vendors Get Paid Upfront

Take advantage of our current promotions to help your clients get the financing they need while increasing your sales.

Our promotions allow you to offer financing that gives your clients the opportunity to purchase software (plus implementation costs) and hardware now with monthly payments starting in 90 days.

We finance almost any type of software or hardware. 100% of the project costs can be bundled and financed with the software resulting in one, low monthly payment for your client

Refer a client for financing.

Tips for Boosting Software Sales

No Payments for 90 Days

Take Advantage of IRS Section 179 Tax Benefits for 2024

Your customers purchase your software while reducing their 2024 taxes.

2024 Deduction Limit for Section 179 is $1,220,000

For equipment or software purchases up to $1,220,000, your company can deduct the entire amount from your gross income.*

Your clients should consult their tax professional. Not intended to be legal advice

2024 Spending Cap Limit for IRS Section 179 is $3,050,000.

For purchases over $1,220,000, your company still gets the benefit of Section 179 tax write-off with the bonus depreciation of 60% after the spending cap is reached.*

Close More Deals

This combination of tax incentives & financing promotions will help you close more deals, faster.

Overcome Budget Objections ("How do I pay for this?")

Electronic Applications / DocuSign speed up the process.

We provide approvals usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, funding is often within 48 hours.

Benefits of Offering Financing from Dimension Funding

Offering financing closes more deals faster

No more waiting for bank funding or for the purchaser to find financing.

Financing is good marketing

If a competitor offers financing and you don't, you're more likely to lose the deal.

Expands your customers' purchasing power

With extended financing, small businesses can more easily afford big ticket items.

Most of your customers need financing

Provide quick & easy financing options to your customers.

Payment options are part of the customer's decision-making

Whether you offer financing is factored into the customer's decision-making process.

Fast payment / no more collections

You get paid in full within 24 hours of funding. No more attempting to collect overdue payments.

John Gallagher, your Account Manager

John Gallagher has been helping small to medium sized companies all over the United States finance equipment and software since 1998.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to John if you or your clients have any financing needs. 

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